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Hair Cut


Skin and Zero Fades (All Ages)


Consultation with your Barber and product recommendations tailored to you. walking out with your desired style.

Clipper Cut   (1-4)


Advanced and entails very close hair on the sides and back. with variations of the fade height and style.

Wash Cut & Finish


Short & Simple! Clippers only
No scissors required

 Clipper Cut 2 Grades


Short and Sweet. using two clipper grades. i.e Grade 1 on the sides and grade 4 on the top

Children  Under 10's


For The Little Men Of This World 
Monday - Friday 



For The Men Of Leisure 
Monday - Thursday

Shape UP


Cleaning Up The Edges Of Your Beard/Hair Line With A Cutthroat Blade 

Shampoo and Condition with a cut tailored to you 

Children over 10


For The Little Grown Ups 

Beard Trim


Sculpting and Sharpening Edges
Clippers Only 

Head Shave With Razor


Using A Cutthroat Blade 

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